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Farmers opened for business in 1928, just before the Great Depression. Through the years, we kept a simple approach that includes disciplined investment strategies, caring for the community, and providing excellent service to our customers. Our financial strength and stability makes us a standout in the industry.

Farmers Group, Inc., is a subsidiary of Zurich Financial Services, the world’s second-largest Commercial Property and Casualty insurer.

All of the major credit reporting agencies – AM Best, Moody’s, and the S&P – give Farmers an “A” rating and a “Positive” or “Stable” outlook.

Farmers manages small-business premiums of over $2.2 billion and more than 600,000 policies.

Farmers is the third-largest insurer of homes and autos in our operating territories, and the second largest Commercial multi-peril writer. It’s a strong position to be in, and has allowed us to be the fastest-growing multi-line carrier in the United States. We have a longstanding tradition of community outreach and support.

From scholarship programs to educational resources to supporting the arts, Farmers’ community involvement is as diverse as its customers and agents. We have a reputation for stability and the ability to satisfy your insurance needs. With Farmers, you get a professional, local agent who can help you with Auto, Home, Speciality, Life, Financial Services and Business insurance needs.

Getting insurance from a single source helps simplify your life. Your Farmers agent can offer you a broad array of coverage discounts, too.

To learn more about the exclusive MDFFSG discount on Farmers’ already competitive rates, get information about safety training programs and library of knowledge about your industry, or ask your Farmers Insurance agent for a quote or contact Farmers directly by visiting www.farmersinsurance.com to find a local agent near you.